Acupuncture for Pain Relief

In addition to conventional treatments, such as over-the-counter and prescription medications, people may try acupuncture in an effort to relieve pain.  Acupuncture practitioners stimulate specific points on the body—most often by inserting thin needles through the skin.

According to clinical practice guidelines issued by the American Pain Society and the American College of Physicians in 2007, acupuncture is one of several therapies physicians should consider when patients with chronic low-back pain do not respond to conventional treatment. In early, small studies, combining actual acupuncture with conventional treatment was more effective than conventional treatment alone for relieving chronic low-back pain; but actual acupuncture was not more effective than simulated acupuncture or conventional treatment. However, a large, rigorously designed clinical trial reported in May 2009 found that actual acupuncture and simulated acupuncture were equally effective—and both were more effective than conventional treatment—for relieving chronic low-back pain. In addition to studying acupuncture's efficacy, researchers are looking at potential biomechanisms—that is, how acupuncture might work to relieve pain. There are several theories about these biomechanisms (e.g., acupuncture activates opioid systems in the brain that respond to pain); additional research is still needed to test the theories.

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Insurance Reimbursement

Acupressure Mats  do not have a medical billing code and are therefore not covered by insurance.



Zensufu (tm) Acupressure Mat
Zensufu (tm) Acupressure Mat

The Acupressure Mat is an effective and easy to use acupressure device. There are many factors that indicate the pain relief is due to the pressure from the bed of nails activating the body's own production of endorphins, 'natural painkillers'.

Zensufu (tm) Acupressure Mat | Acupuncture Mat for #1 Back Pain Relief (nail bed or spike mat) with Carry Bag

This Acupressure Mat helped solve my dilemma of trying to crack my neck and back, because it eases that pain as well.

Spoonk Mat - W. Carry Bag
Spoonk Mat - W. Carry Bag

Improve circulation, Boost energy, Relieve back, neck, hip and joint pain, Induce deeper sleep, Relieve muscle tension

Cotton Pagoda Blue Acupressure Massage Mat with carry-bag

I really feel like I get great relaxation from laying on it and I think it helps with back pain and tension.


The Himalaya Acupressure Mat with a size of 30x17x1 inches is the latest Swedish Wellness sensation to now hit the US market. With its 8,820 Acupressure points that gently touch your skin and your bodys thousands of pressure points per Chinese Traditional Medicine you will experience a form of unique Self Treatment.


Spending just 10 minutes a day laying on this mat reduces back pain.