Magnets for Pain Relief

People may also try non-drug approaches such as magnets to help relieve their pain.  A magnet produces a measurable force called a magnetic field.  Magnets come in different strengths, often measured in units called gauss (G) or, alternatively, units called tesla (T; 1 T = 10,000 G). Magnets marketed for pain relief usually claim strengths of 300 to 5,000 G)—many times stronger than the Earth’s magnetic field (about 0.5 G) but much weaker than the magnets used for MRI machines (approximately 15,000 G or higher).

Many studies have not been of high quality or they included a small number of participants yet magnets are widely marketed for pain control.  A 2007 clinical trial sponsored by the National Institutes of Health that looked at back pain in a small group of people, have suggested a benefit from using magnets.

Magnets may not be safe for some people, such as those who use pacemakers or insulin pumps, as magnets may interfere with the devices. Otherwise, magnets are generally considered safe when applied to the skin.  Various products with magnets in them include shoe insoles, bracelets and other jewelry, mattress pads, and bandages.

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Insurance Reimbursement

In certain parts of Europe and Asia, therapeutic magnets are relatively commonplace; they are even considered reimbursable expenses in Germany, Israel and Japan. But in America the Food and Drug Administration hasn't approved the use of magnets for pain relief. Medicare won't reimburse costs related to magnetic therapy, and it's doubtful that any HMO would reimburse the expense, although it certainly never hurts to check. This means paying an out-of-pocket expense. On your side, however, is that magnetic therapy products seem inexpensive. There is also no evidence that using them is harmful. If your budget is extremely tight, however, getting reimbursed by your insurance carrier may prove difficult, if not impossible. 


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HoMedics TheraP Hot/Cold Therapy Back Wrap with the Power of Magnets
HoMedics TheraP Hot/Cold Therapy Back Wrap with the Power of Magnets

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Magnetic Back Brace From Dr. Bakst Magnetics

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